Posted by: psychedchick | March 26, 2010

Child Abuse

Cold were his hands

Hands that hit me.

I lay still, motion-less.

Lest he hurt again

Devil, I saw, felt.

Angst, I felt within.

Begin, when did it?

Unending, it seemed now!

Scamper away, he said.

Everyday, once he finished!

Submitted for Acrostic Only



  1. i applaud u Raash, for u took a road less traveled. u went to the first person view.. and reading and visualizing, this scathed me. the effect was complete. kudos.

  2. Touched

  3. lovely…superb!!!

  4. you’ve well presented it as the helpless prey, bravo!

    it’s just a very painful scenario for an innocent child, and you hit it right!

    why it’s only now that I’ve met you here at AO?

    • Thanks 🙂

      But now that you are here, hope to see you often 🙂

  5. Very Good take, refreshingly different, on the prompt. Well done.

  6. I stand in front of u, bow down n give u an applaud…
    the first person approach… the sketch of pain… and these lines

    “Begin, when did it?
    Unending, it seemed now!”

    U r superb… kp up!!

  7. awesome yaar

  8. dam u rash…it pinched so bad… so bloody bad…

  9. I got busy and see what i missed 😦
    This was a pure brilliance girl 🙂
    Glad i m back in the blog hopping and writing to read masterpieces 🙂
    Loved it 🙂

  10. Awesome 🙂
    Missed your writings as i was hardly blogging
    Glad i didnt miss this one
    U trapped the point ….something which noone really wanna feel!
    Great work

  11. Very touched indeed!

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