Posted by: psychedchick | March 24, 2010

Plan of action and roadblocks!

Craziness alert!

There is something that I am hoping for. All my plans for the next year are dependant on that one thing! Now suddenly I am scared what if it doesn’t happen like that? There are pros and cons to every situation and there is to this too but I fear I’ll lose a lot if it doesn’t happen. I almost used all my brains and calculated the probability of what I want happening. Result was inconclusive! Not bcas I am bad at maths but bcas too many variables!

It is like what I want is the intersection of 2 circles. Two really huge circles with a minute possibility of intersecting! The worse is that I have no control over things. I have been told to just plan my actions and the rest will follow. But when you want something bad, can you stop hoping and praying?
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  1. All the best of luck…:D intersection of circles eh…o_O

  2. no, when you want something bad you really cant stop hoping..
    but just believe in yourself, if you have worked hard and are confident, it will surely happen..
    all the best!

    p.s. i read your What If? post for blog-a-ton. loved it!! congrats on the win.

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