Posted by: psychedchick | March 20, 2010

Being me

I never say the things that I want to. It is always about whether it is the right thing to say. Am I being dishonest?I’m confused yet give good advice. Am I a hypocrite?

I don’t know which risks to take and which to let go. Am I immature?

I love with all my heart and believe that everything is possible. Am I stupid?

Even if the answer to each of these questions is yes, even if I get hurt each time, I am me and there hardly anything that make me change it.

Having said that, if being me can be bettered in any way, I will! Suggestions welcome 😉



  1. I know the feeling you feel. I am the same, I am always giving good advice but I never take it myself. So if you figure out something send it my way lol.

  2. we don’t need advice. we need strength. to be who we want to be.

  3. I avoid giving advise totally and warn a person in front, don’t ask.

    For those who need it, seldom heed it. 🙂

  4. “I never say the things that I want to.”
    My suggestion would be to not follow the quoted text.

  5. i felt like i was reading about myself… nice post! and there’s no need to change, or u wouldn’t be ‘you’ then…i think..

  6. You r the best you can be…
    as someone said “I have never met anyone who makes a better you, than you”
    So, dont change… u rock!!

  7. dnt u remember telling me d same…dat i am d perfect me…

    we are what we are…no one can tell u hw to become a bettr u dan u urself…n nywys…u r great d way u are…

    no mattr hw u are…i still love u 🙂 😀 mmuuaahhh

  8. nope. being u cant be bettered. ur the best like that.

    no changes needed whatsoever! 😀

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