Posted by: psychedchick | January 26, 2010

Beach Beauty

The red ball in the sky,
finally setting.
The red in the cheeks,
never fading.
The laughter, the jest
always around
The hugs, the warmth,
never leaving.

The ocean so blue,
Hearts, oh, so true,
Of the dark skies
running away from goodbyes
and no sand in the shoes.
Return to mundane life,
With hope of sunny days,
Once again, never too soon.

Posted for OSI and ABC Wednesdays – B


  1. hey Raash, good one. this is wonderfully written.

    very beautiful photograph too.. is it your camerawork? loved that as well.

    good to see u back with poetry. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! It aint my picture but from a recent trip!

  2. luvd the way u chose the finishing lines! good one 🙂

  3. lovely poem! 🙂

  4. beautiful piece…!

  5. Hello There,

    Thank You for stopping by mine, glad you did for i get to read you.

    Am more a blue person than a red 🙂 and i love the sea.

    The second stanza was so good…esp no sand in shoes.It really took me to those scenes by the sea where i grew up, always returning with a pack of white sand in my chappals!

    • Aww im glad that I could do that! 🙂 Sigh I wish I could be there too!

  6. Never too soon. So true. Nicely done!

  7. Beautiful words and a gorgeous photo! Never too soon!! Yes!!! Hope the rest of your week goes well! Enjoy!


  8. i like the poem and i love the beautiful picture. i wish the world is like on the picture, very calm and peaceful.

    Mine is up now.

    have a great wednesday.

    • The place in picture is real… I was there when the pic was taken… Aint it pretty? A world that really exists but i cant be there every day 😦

  9. u know i loved it already !! the picis really nice 🙂

  10. Hi:0
    Here on the beach I would to be right now!
    In holland its great too, now snow, but I sowed sunand Bet memories on a boat,
    Be welcome JoAnn-D-Eyes Holland

    • Thanks 😀 I am on my way!

  11. sorry sorry!
    I wrote my link not right in the (before this post) post here is the right one

    be welcome JoAnn-d-eyes/Holland

  12. lovely poem for a lovely scene.. thanks for sharing..

    B is for Black Forest

    • Welcome. I am on your way to read Black Forest…It has got me interested and hungry 🙂

  13. Nice shot. On behalf of the ABC Wed. team, thanks for playing.

  14. I wish I were there instead of here…

  15. I want to be there! It’s sunny here, but cold with snow on the ground. This picture reminds me of our Oregon vacation in 2000. I loved the Pacific beaches.

    My Blue Walk in the Mall is here.

  16. Beautiful sunset. I love beach pics too.

  17. Such hope is beautiful. May it also be strong.

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