Posted by: psychedchick | January 24, 2010


Sunday Scribbling asked

What are you saying yes to in your life? What have you said yes to that changed your life? How has yes been a part of your year so far? Do you practice yes or no? Maybe there is something you need to not say yes to. What writing comes to you from yes?

This question comes as a very valid point in my life. I can be a very rigid person in life and have to start saying “Yes” to new experiences. I need to start taking criticisms in my stride and not be so sensitive to them.

On the other hand, I need not say “Yes” to everything. My major issue is that I agree to anything and everything and then, when I cant handle everything, I tend to quit. Come on my hands are small and if I overload them, things are bound to fall down. I need to learn to pick the right things and give it my best.

I need to be ok to failure but I should atleast try. I shouldn’t give up just like that. Just yesterday, I told a friend to not let me quit my current endeavor. Though I am sure he is going to come up with frustrating ways to motivate me, I will try my best to stick to this thing.

I need to say “Yes” to difficulty, to challenges. Nothing is easy. Nothing worthwhile atleast. Let me fight for this. Or else how would I be able to tell life, ” Lets see what else you got. Bring it on”



  1. yes, thats the spirit rashi 🙂 another win post.

  2. Good for you! Sounds like you’re opening up your spectrum!!! Change can be difficult at times, but often so worth it!!

    • I hope I am.. Lets hope I can go through with it!

  3. I’ve always had trouble saying “yes” to too many things, and then can’t keep up with all of it! I need to learn to say “no” once in a while 🙂

    It’s good to say “yes” to new endeavors sometimes!

    • It is good to say yes to things that scare you. But appropriately!

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  5. Thought provoking but it is still OK to say No.

    • It is ok to say no. I know. I hope I had the guts to say it though..

  6. Yes is a small word, but, you are so right. It involves us in a multitude of projects…some of which are overwhelming.

    • So true. Small word. Just 3 letters but yet can make the world go round!

  7. Phew, I think I must say yes to my son too much!

    Good post!!

    • Thanks 🙂 We should yes and no appropriately!

  8. yeah!!! bring it on….. the world is awaitin…

  9. ‘Challenges’ implies the concept of defeat – I see them as Missions.

    • Interesting way to look at it. I should too do that!

  10. Suits me perfectly !! i couls write the very same things … And readign this reminded me of this quote i read recently :

    “When was the last tiem you did smthing NEW ? .. try it .. you anyway have the old one to fall to” .. or smthing like ds 😉

    • I know… I am trying something new… Like my job.. Hopefully, I should learn!

  11. change is so darn difficult and i m changing for the bad definitely 😦


    • I know I read yours and off to comment now. Hope there is something good you can find in all of this…

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