Posted by: psychedchick | January 10, 2010


So this year began with the 3 idiots controversy. Promoting ragging, raising questions about education system of our country and what not.

I really dont have anything to say about the ragging issue, considering I have never been ragged (touch wood) but I can talk about our education system especially post graduate studies. Till you complete your bachelors, it is almost smooth sailing, things just fall into place. Mostly because you dont have much choice about it. You are sure that you gotta enroll in a good college after SSC and then, maybe engineering, medical or some other professional course or you stick to your college and finish your Bachelors. Atleast thats what I did. It was simple.

I got a decent percent in my SSC and hence, got through every college I applied. I chose the best out of the alternatives and 5 yrs later, I graduated. But then, somehow felt that Masters was the next logical choice. Never did I once think whether I really want to do this. I knew I wasn’t ready to plunge into the big bad world and no1 would give me a decent job.

But, a few months into the Masters, I realised that this wasn’t for me. I was learning nothing new. I was doing my Masters in Industrial Psychology and ALL of my teachers were Clinical or Counseling Psychologist. I understand that the field hasnt got on in India but I felt so lost. I don’t claim to know more than my teachers. But my internships plus the amazing NIMHANS conference I had attended convinced me that I was learning nothing that was of value. More over, I was covering the same topics I had done in the past 5 years.

It did not help that the college was totally mismanaged. I rather not say much about the college until I get my certificates back but my stress levels were skyrocketing while I was there…

Today, Im at home, trying to figure things out. What do I want to do? Though, I would like to think that my parents are happy that I didn’t end up doing something I would eventually hate but that is not true. They try to be supportive I know it but I guess they are worried too. What about my future? They tell me, find a job, keep yourself busy. I agree. So I’m trying to find me a job. But I guess I decided to be clueless at a very wrong time.

What I’m trying to say is that education should be a choice, an informed choice. To be stuck in a wrong career can be so frustrating. We are in a world where there are a million and one choices, a world where innovation and ingenuity are rewarded. We have so many examples of people who dared to be different and go on the road less travelled or paved a path for themselves. Then, why are we still wanting people to go on the same conventional paths? Doing something is ok but for the neighbour’s kids. Not mine.

I do understand that it is more difficult for the men. If the girls are “allowed” to take up certain courses, boys are questioned of how they plan to feed their family if they dont earn. When did money become the sole reason to do things? So many questions unanswered. I guess, it lies within us. Tomorrow we shall be parents and it depends on what we ask of our children.



  1. I totally understand what you mean. After my graduation i wanted to do somethin. Already decided on my course but my folks felt tat my choice was totally unconventional and convinced me to do somethin else. Right from the start its been fed to me that the stereotyped careers are the best options always. If you score well in your SSC den you are meant to be a doctor or an engineer or a CA if not you can chose the careers that dont require high scores lik fashion designing or interiors or any art lik courses. Why is it that way??. Does it always have to be that the person who scores well cant have a creative side? or vice versa…

  2. Last para is so true…but i guess the social structure has not learned things yet….

  3. it depends on what we ask of our kids, yes, but it’d be better if we let them pursue their dreams than us imposing on them right?! 🙂

    like u said, informed choice. let us inform our kids of many choices they have, and let them make the choice 🙂

  4. u will find something ..u always do
    so kick the tension out of orbit 🙂

  5. i think there is a lot to be desired even on the grads level! ask the engineers!

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