Posted by: psychedchick | December 18, 2009


“His chances of surviving are bleak,” the doctor said, “It maybe time to say goodbye.”

“Dad, I’m queer. I’m sorry I never told you,” his son whispered.

All were shocked. There wasn’t a sound around the room, not even him breathing. Suddenly, there was a hiccup.

“I always knew, son.” The father breathed his last.

Wrote it for 3WW. Haven’t written here in a while and had to kickstart! The words were: Queer, bleak and hiccup.



  1. Well, you’ve certainly come back to us with a bang. Nice job.

    • Thanks so much. It feels so nice to be back 😀

  2. awefome job gal !!!

  3. They always know. Nice work.

  4. fantabulous !!!

    sorry m late!

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