Posted by: psychedchick | September 22, 2009

Hello World

Hello World seems to be the apt title for this post. Im ready to finally come out of the shell, I had kept myself confined to. I need to write. I need not get the crazy comments or write because I have to but Im back to writing for the reasons that I started.

It is weird how life takes a full circle always. You start off as something innocent and perfectly insane and idealist, then shit happens and you change yourself. Become “mature” and try to protect yourself from the harshness of the world. Then, once again you realise, you miss all the craziness in your life. What we perceive is protecting ourselves is by putting this wall around us. We imagine that no1 can ever hurt us again. But we fail to realise that slowly we start to suffocate within those walls. You open the doors and things come back at an overwhelming speed and then you’re left to handle everything that you thought you had left behind.

It aint bad to be vulnerable. It aint bad to be insane. It aint too bad being me.



  1. Welcome back!!

    • Hope to stay here longer 😉

  2. nope. it ain’t too bad being u! 🙂
    welcome back to writing Psyched Chick!

    i’ll fill ur posts with crazy comments for sure. guaranteed 😀

    • Waiting for all the craziness to begin

  3. I loved your ‘About Me’… 🙂 So Apt!

  4. I loved your ‘About Me’ too.. 😀
    Crazy Raashy 😀 yep.. Apt 🙂

  5. WB! hav waited long nd strong fr dat! so feels gud to c u start again! hope it persists dis time! wishes! 🙂

    • Yeah I hope that too 😀 or rather wish!

  6. woo hoo!!! one more crazy blog to read!!! love you!!!

  7. maast..u looked phsyched out in this pic 😛 😛 ❤ ❤

    • Loser, comment on the pic rather than the post! Stupid!

  8. way to go!
    I’m going to be a regular feature here(as a reader), make sure you contribute just as frequently:D
    all the best!

  9. welcome back dear….looking forward to c you qnd mote you 😛 tc..

    • First of all welcome back sweetheart 🙂
      Now to my comments ….what do i say….just one line…u know that i could relate to each and every line u just said….i wonder what will make me come out of my shell….lets see!
      I m glad u came out! Today someone asked me no new post? and i had no replies…..and no explanation to his reactions…Sigh! Maybe reading u might make me return to my crazy self too!
      Take care sweety 🙂

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