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I have moved

I have moved.

WordPress was giving me a lot of problems. And I have finally decided to move back to my dear old blogger.

My address remains the same :

Right now, I am decorating and making my new home feel a little more homey. Hope to see you there sometime soon 🙂

With loads of love,

This is me signing off!

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My tryst with MADness.

2 yrs ago

A friend told me “Why don’t you join MAD? They don’t have a team in Mumbai yet, but you might be able to help them in some other way.”

I was so bored that I did fill an application form and totally forgot about it.

1 year ago

I got a call from a girl called Parul, ” Rashi, we are starting a team in Mumbai, would you be interested in joining us?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Meet me on Sunday at Barista?”

“Yeah. Sure”

On Sunday,

“Parul, I am done with fever. Can we postpone?”

“Next Sunday?”

“Sure. I am so sorry.”

“See you then”

Next Sunday,

Meeting with 5 other random people.

Meeting every Sunday!

Saturday morning class.

Children = life. Smiles = Coffee (Wake up alarms) Didi didi = Music!

Today, right now,

On gtalk, I have around 7 windows open, 5 of them MADdies (the other 2 are school friends).

On my phone, if you check the last 20 dialled, received, missed calls, most of them will be from MADdies.

No we are not workaholics, we are just good friends who are out on a common mission.

Today, the classes are done for the summer. And the peace and awesomeness of each class, I shall just not mention because it just can’t be explained. Come for class with me once. I promise, you will want to come again, teach once again.

Today, I realise that even if I want I can’t escape MAD. It is like that tattoo upon my skin, the ink of which has seeped into my veins and now, MAD flows through me.

I kid you not when I say it energizes me. I remember this incident when I pleaded with the doctors to discharge me from the hospital because I had a MAD class. I was weak and had a high fever the previous day but in class, the energy of my children worked better than any of those doctor’s medicines. (Highly recommended)

To the people who attempt to come between me and my kids, between me and my dreams, I have a debt to repay and I will do everything in my power to do so. I have dreams of children to fulfil. I have miles to go before I sleep, before I hand over the torch!

My children and me

PS: For the totally clueless,  MAD = Make A Difference. Check my pages for more information!

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Open letter

To the dainty little kiss ass bitch,

You weren’t there when I worked my ass off. You weren’t there when I slogged and did everything on my own. Yet you think it is your right to comment on my relationships and my friendships? What I did shall never be known to you. What I did, you shall never be capable of it! Not that I doubt your capability but you might break a nail and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

I shall give this to you, you really know how to kiss ass, something I have never been good at. So please keep your opinions to yourself and be glad that I am not there right now, or else you would never ever made your presence felt.

I will never open my mouth and your secrets are safe with me. I, however, know how to fight and I definitely know how to be a bitch to a bitch. I can most definitely fight fire with fire but I hate that side of me and I shall not let it raise its ugly head. DON’T force me to do so. You shall be sorry! Don’t you dare comment on my equation with anyone, ever again!

Your’s sincerely (Yes, I mean this)

The one you should be scared of!

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Child Abuse

Cold were his hands

Hands that hit me.

I lay still, motion-less.

Lest he hurt again

Devil, I saw, felt.

Angst, I felt within.

Begin, when did it?

Unending, it seemed now!

Scamper away, he said.

Everyday, once he finished!

Submitted for Acrostic Only

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Speaking Out – An acrostic

She looked at me
Perhaps to say something.
Eyes, hope within them?
Aspirations aplenty, lay crushed
Killed, dead, lost, shattered.
I wonder and shudder,
Now what to do?
Give her some space
Or return her faith?
Under the covers, hide?
Take the leap, instead!

Written for Acrostic Only

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Plan of action and roadblocks!

Craziness alert!

There is something that I am hoping for. All my plans for the next year are dependant on that one thing! Now suddenly I am scared what if it doesn’t happen like that? There are pros and cons to every situation and there is to this too but I fear I’ll lose a lot if it doesn’t happen. I almost used all my brains and calculated the probability of what I want happening. Result was inconclusive! Not bcas I am bad at maths but bcas too many variables!

It is like what I want is the intersection of 2 circles. Two really huge circles with a minute possibility of intersecting! The worse is that I have no control over things. I have been told to just plan my actions and the rest will follow. But when you want something bad, can you stop hoping and praying?
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Being me

I never say the things that I want to. It is always about whether it is the right thing to say. Am I being dishonest?I’m confused yet give good advice. Am I a hypocrite?

I don’t know which risks to take and which to let go. Am I immature?

I love with all my heart and believe that everything is possible. Am I stupid?

Even if the answer to each of these questions is yes, even if I get hurt each time, I am me and there hardly anything that make me change it.

Having said that, if being me can be bettered in any way, I will! Suggestions welcome 😉

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Your best face on

Take a deep breath
Put your best face on.
Plaster a smile
and cover the deep sorrow.
Hide the confusion.
What is truly within you,
let them not see.

Wonder what it is,
that masks us all.
The deep-rooted fear
or the questions unsure.
Who is it that you don’t trust?
The heart that loves
or the soul that cares?

Within you each reside,
the fear and the love.
Within you each reside
the happiness and sorrow.
Each one comes in spurts
when expected the least.
When I cannot assure,
Say this, I must though,
They will come indeed

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I am not one of them

I was against domestic violence. Which self respecting woman wouldn’t be ? I am not one of those who’ll keep quiet. But after you see something in your house, your head starts to reason. It was a one-time thing. This was an exception. Fractured hands and bruised eyes become a daily affair but you think it is a phase. You fall from stairs often and bump into walls. You have more stitches than you remember and yet you laugh it off.

Deep inside you know there is something wrong. It is his work pressure making him do this. It is that boss of his that makes him angry. He is just taking out on me. It isn’t as bad as those other women who get beaten up everyday for years together.

Until the day, you realise you are one of those who decided to keep quiet for years together.
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Random story

Do you know how difficult it is to tie your laces when your hand is in a sling? Let me tell you. VERY. Being the accident prone that I am, I had my hand in a sling yet again. While I was tying them, bent down. This random guy bumped into me and walked ahead. I looked up and realised it was the same guy who had asked me for a lighter for a smoke. After exchanging a smile and lighting his cigarette, I had left.

Now, he passed by me and mumbled a sorry. He hailed a cab and as it turned out, his destination was the same. What came over me, I would never know, I asked him if could car pool as I was going to the same place. He smiled and let me get in first.

The 5 minutes, total awkward silence. Then,

Boy : May I ask something?
Me: Go ahead.
Boy: You a United fan?
Me: Oh yeah. How did you know?
Boy: Rooney on your back. (referring to the Rooney keychain on my bag)
Me: Oh. Yes. Red Devil. You too?
(Thought in my head – Oh lord. Please please)
Boy: Can I guess what you are thinking?
Me (surprised but): Ok, sure. (shrug)
Boy: You are thinking. Oh God, please let him not be a scouser please please. He is too cute to be a scouser.
Me (laugh): You got everything except the cute part right.
Boy: Are you single?
Me: I rather not get personal.
Boy: Oh sorry. I don’t know what came over me.

Awkward silence.

Boy: Oh you have a Blackberry?
Me: Yes.
Boy: I am really sorry about earlier. I mean it.
Me: Yeah. It is ok. Whatever.
Boy: No. I aint a scouser.
Me: Great.
Boy: Heard Rooney is back from injury.
Me: Yeah. He is going to be playing today.

… Loads of Jibber jabber about football and the darn Arsenal 5-0 win the previous night.

When we were almost reaching my place,
Boy: Hey, should we keep in touch?
Me: I am not sure.
Boy: Do you blog?
Me: Yes.
Boy: Will you blog about this?
Me: Maybe.
Boy: May I have the link?
Me: Bhaiya, yahin ruka do. (Stop the cab here.)

*Give the driver 100 rs and turn towards him*
Me: Thanks a lot. The drive would have been boring without your company. *wink*

(Thought in my head- This will make a good blog post)

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